Dear Ladies and Gentlemen

On June 18, at the Mercure Grand in Warsaw took place the IV International Scientific Conference „Infertility – health scourge XXI century”.

We would like to thank our Experts for the preparation and presentation of professional presentations, which concerned the most important and at the same time sensitive issues in the field of infertility. Great scientific achievements and commitment of our guests ensure high professional level of the Conference, and the interdisciplinary nature of their speeches expanded the scope of discussions and steered it into different areas, so that participants have the opportunity to explore their knowledge of diverse specifics of treat infertility ailments.

This year’s edition presented not only the course of the work and results of research on the assessment and treatment for all forms associated with assisted reproductive technologies, but also pioneering operational methods for removing these disorders.

The words thank you goes to all the participants, members of the Honorary Committee and the Scientific, Patrons and Partners of this year’s Conference, Polish Gynecological Society for the support given in this project.

Participants of the meeting convinced that the question of the infertility problems should become an integral part of medical history. Due to this, as many couples suffer from infertility, it will chance to improve their health and quality of life.

Prof. dr. Włodzimierz E. Baranowski, PhD, MD
Head of the Scientific Committee